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GriLime Corporation provides solutions in Information and Telecommunication technologies, like computer programming, information processing technologies, facilities management, business administration advisory services and public relations and communication activities, advancement services and other coordination service activities. Our target: we possess years of professional experience and client reliance to create effective solutions that work for the benefit of your company and your associates.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or by phone +12029607088

GriLime Corporation

Address: Suite 1, Second Floor, Sound &Vision House, Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

    The new downloads monetization system
    Receive a profit from each download
    How it works

    1. Downloading product
      The fastest servers around the world that we use, make the download process almost instantaneous.
    2. Installation process.
      The installer program opens itself, and installs software fastly. Each launcher is being designed individually for each product.
    3. Additional offers
      When installing your product, the user is prompted to install additional programs. At his discretion, he may agree or disagree with their installation.
    4. Get paid
      When the user completes the installation of your software, you make a profit.

    We know how to attract more users.

    Your app will be installed a lot of times worldwide on Windows and MacOS

    You will get loyal customers, not one-time installers

    We show an offer to a potential user not at a random moment, but when they are ready to say Yes to your product. We do not conduct aggressive advertising.

    No bots!

    Our system filters out bots, so you only pay if your app is installed by real people who are ready to try your product. Multilevel filter screening bots leave no chance for bots.

    Precise Targeting

    Track users by country, city, language, operating system, browser.

    Not enough? Set negative targeting for users who have already installed certain software.

    Learn 3 simple steps, will lead your product to the top.

    1. Introduction of the search window

    To start using a new possibility of search monetization, you doesn't need coding. Our team will help you develop a search box. 

    2. Searching process

    When users start to search for information there are two ways to realize searching. Depending on the structure, the request will be redirected to Yahoo or Bing, or the search result will appear in your application.

    3. Payment

    You make a profit after each searching when your customers clicking on advertisements.

    Direct channels - the highest turnover

    We offer you the highest pay since we only use direct referrals from Yahoo and Bing.